Development of Technology & Products

  • specification of basic and raw materials
  • composition of rubber compounds of different types and kinds of semi products, including with a “SILICA” to over 100 parts by volume (phr)
  • inspection and testing of compounds
  • passenger tires – summer / winter / SUV / HP / UHP
  • light truck tires – summer / winter / on road / off road
  • all steel truck tires – motorway / regional / urban
  • agricultural and industrial tires
  • mathematical design modeling in 2D/3D of pattern and profile to optimize noise, aquaplaning, and the dynamic rolling

  • specifications of distribution of semi products in curied tire with permissible a tolerance
  • specifications of reinforcing materials for standard and reinforced tire development
  • specifications layout semi products of building and setting of tire building machine, tolerance
    specifications of curing parameters and settings of curing press (if necessary too stabilization)
  • specification of curing bladders
  • specification of quality and testing of final products
  • specification of indoor and outdoor (on road) test methods