Quality Management & Testing

SV Engineering focuses activities and to advice on increasing and improving the quality of the original products, production and technological processes. We offer for customers a complete know-how in the highly efficient management systems, quality management and costs of quality. We introduce the improvement of quality management systems in production with customers, and even to reduce costs and increase production efficiency. SV Engineering cooperates with specialized organizations and accredited institutions that deal with tire testing, homologation, product certification, laboratory research and testing.


  • improving the quality of products
  • optimization of processes
  • perform the technical and technological audits of production units
  • improving production processes and their efficiency
  • creation and implementation of cost reduction programs
  • implementation of programs to control and reduce losses from processes
  • introduction of modern tools for effective management of quality costs
  • introduction of effective quality management system in production
  • system preparation of customer process customer for first Gear in the automotive industry
  • preparation of the product for approval according to UN ECE 117
  • industrial engineering and optimization of process bottlenecks
  • optimization of material flows


    SV Engineering has established contracts and cooperation with chemical and technological universities - Faculty of Industrial Technology in Púchov (SK), University of Technology Brno (CZ), Institute Mitch Lomonosov Moscow (RF), Minsk University (BY) ect. Also with test, certification and development centers and polygons in Europe and Russia - Vipotest (SK) - ECE 117, IGTT (CZ), ITC (CZ), NIISP - E22 (RU), Ministry of Transport (SK) - E27, SIC Vershina - ECE 117, TC test (SK), Intair (RU), Shintest (RU), NAMI (RU). Specialists in SV Engineering with know-how PREMIUM class and using the cooperation with reputable companies ensure that:

  • turnkey projects complete testing, certification and approval of products
  • completion of technical products to customer technical level satisfying the criteria of the UN ECE standards 117-01
  • develop new products for approval following the forthcoming EU standard 117- 02
  • verification required characteristics developed tires
  • Quality Assurance developed tires on the test (static and dynamic tests)
  • tires testing conformity to the requirements of ECE. 30 and 54, 117
  • intensive road test tires to verify their lifetime tests and up grade the existing products on the level of new customer request UN ECE 117- 01,02