SV Engineering, a limited liability company based in Púchov, established in 2013, is a private business company operating in the territory of the Slovak Republic and its legislation.

SV Engineering is also an advisory and consultancy company focused on the development and implementation / engineering of new rubber technologies according to customer requirements. These activities performed in the field of passenger tires, light truck tires, all-steel truck tires, agricultural and industrial tires. Transfer and validation of the new technology SVENG / know-how is realized by specialist of our company with experts customer directly in the manufacturing process.

SV Engineering cooperates with customers and to improve and increase the technical parameters of the original products, production and technological processes. In cooperation with manufacturers and technology equipment, our company is cooperating in the development of comprehensive technological specifications, parameters and validation facilities and lay-out documentation for tires of EURO category "B+" and "Premium".


Highly qualified specialists SV Engineering company with years of experience in the rubber industry and with the professional experience of international projects; the professionalism acquired in the past by successful work in the companies Continental, Matador, Barum, Mitas, Cordiant ...

The company has a team of internationally certified auditors of the management systems, procedures control, quality, consulting and project management.

development of technologies & products

Specification of basic and raw materials.Composition of rubber compounds of different types and kinds of semi products, including with a “SILICA” to over 100 parts ...

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enneneering & consulting

Processing and implementation of projects for modernization of technological.Cooperation with producers of rubber machines in the development and modernization of technology...

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Quality Management & Testing

SV Engineering focuses activities and to advice on increasing and improving the quality of the original products, production and technological processes.We offer for customers a complete...

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training & education

SV Engineering as a complementary support program provides to its customers and training of professional staff, providing advanced training of staff and customer training. In this field...

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